A letter from the owners:

There is no perfect time to move homes, and transitioning you or your loved one in a time of need can often be a very stressful experience.
But, when a fall, injury or illness happens suddenly and it is crucial that a placement decision be made, it can be overwhelming and time consuming. Often times these decisions are made quickly, with high emotions, and result in later regrets or frustrations. 
At Oregon Senior Living Advisors, our role is to walk alongside and assist you with making the best placement decision based upon you or your loved ones care needs, personal interests, geographic preferences, and financial situation. Our knowledge and expertise of the industry will help take the emotions out of the choices that need to be made to ensure your loved one maintains the highest quality of life in their new environment.

We would be honored to work with you!

Oregon Senior Living Advisors - Zac & Katie

Zac + Katie Metzker